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Business Acquisitions & Disposals

Business Acquisitions

To ensure a purchase you should:

  • Identify target markets which add value to your existing operations
  • Maintain focus on your objectives both pre and post acquisition
  • Secure key management and employee support of your long term objectives
  • Identify differences in culture of the target business and plan integration with existing operations

Developing an effective strategy for your business is vital, especially when operating in increasingly competitive and ever-changing markets.  This will include ways in which you can secure strong, sustainable profits. You could achieve this by acquiring or merging your business obtaining economies of scale, synergies or expansion into previously untapped markets.

Identifying your strategy early and involving an experienced advisor will enhance your chances of success.

Business Disposals

To ensure a disposal you should:

  • Identify target competitors in which you currently operate together with those competitors who may wish to expand with your technology or geographic area
  • Maintain focus on your objectives at all times
  • Reduce dependency on key management and outgoing owners
  • Ensure financial and non financial records are brought up to date
  • Be clear on what makes your business valuable
  • If you have a unique product or service ensure this aspect is fully promoted
  • Make sure you have a good base of clients and an even spread of risk

In order for us to offer you a comprehensive, experienced and personal service we will obtain a sufficient understanding of your objectives and expectations. Identifying your strategy early, and involving an experienced advisor, will enhance your chances of success.

Our membership of UK200 and the International Association of Practising Accountants immediately opens up a National and International bank of businesses and advisors from which to register your business in a confidential way.

Our Grants & Corporate Finance services include:
For more information about our Grants and Corporate Finance services or to arrange a consultation, please contact a member of our team. 


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