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Business Structuring

Our tax advice may include:-
  • Tax efficient choice of vehicle - company, partnership (including LLP), sole trade, franchise, joint venture, other
  • Tax efficient ownership of the business, including family and joint ownership
  • Tax efficient financing - share or loan capital, Enterprise Investment Scheme tax relief
  • Tax efficient profit extraction and/or reinvestment
  • Reorganisation of existing business structures to improve commercial and tax efficiency
  • Business ownership reviews to maximise income and capital tax efficiency for business owners
  • Restructuring the business for prospective sale or succession
  • Preparation for mergers, acquisitions, demergers, business disposals or divisionalisation
Other Taxation and Wealth Management services include:
For more information about our Taxation and Wealth Management services or to arrange a consultation, please contact a member of our team.
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Business Structuring

Anne Smith ACA CTA
Tax Partner
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Neil Pugh FCA CTA
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