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Buying & Selling Business Including Management Buy-Outs

Watts Gregory LLP has extensive experience in advising either the vendor, the purchaser, or the target business on tax issues regarding business sale and purchase transactions. This includes:
  • Tax advice on preparing the business for a tax efficient sale
  • Advice on the most efficient structure for the sale - share or asset sale, for example - and the preferred form of sale consideration
  • Obtaining HMRC tax clearances for the sale deal
  • Tax due diligence reviews of a target business acquisition
  • Assistance in responding to tax due diligence reviews by a prospective buyer of your business
  • Tax advice and assistance on the sale agreement document, including advice on the inclusion of appropriate tax indemnities and warranties according to whether you are buyer or seller and the nature and size of the deal
  • Advice on tax reporting obligations 
  • Post sale tax advice on integration or rationalisation (if you are the buyer), or tax efficient investment of your sale proceeds and estate planning (if you are the seller)
Other Taxation and Wealth Management services include:
For more information about our Taxation and Wealth Management services or to arrange a consultation, please contact a member of our team.
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Buying & Selling
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