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Due Diligence

We will meet with you and understand your needs and the purpose of the due diligence. 

Usually due diligence is carried out in relation to a proposed acquisition or investment in a business.  Having identified any particular issues or concerns of a financial or tax nature, we would investigate the financial records of the target business and provide the potential investor/acquirer with information about the target business which they can use to decide whether to invest or not.  

We will produce a comprehensive report highlighting the areas of concern and we will ensure you understand these issues.  We will identify potential risks and make recommendations to nullify those risks.  We can also liaise with lawyers on any input to the legal agreements being drafted by your lawyer.   

Financial due diligence can help by identifying and reducing the risk associated with a particular transaction.   

The benefits of the investigation of the business before any investment/acquisition are numerous and include: 

  • Having a full understanding of the financial considerations of the business (i.e. the historical and forecast information, maintainable earnings and working capital)
  • Understanding issues likely to affect the purchase price or value of the business
  • Understanding who are the customers and suppliers
  • Understanding which market the business operates within and who are its competitors
  • Having a full assessment of the management information available and commentary on the systems and controls in place
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Due Diligence

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