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We are a member of NIFA (Network of Independent Forensic Accountants), whose membership consists of independent accountancy practices throughout the UK who specialise in forensic accountancy, and are able to provide a cost effective alternative to the national firms of accountants. Membership of NIFA provides safeguards to instructing parties because it sets quality standards and monitors them by an annual review of each firm's working files.

Expert Opinion

When a civil dispute is likely to proceed to Court it may be appropriate for 'an expert' to be appointed to assist.

An expert may be appointed by one of the parties to assist in the presentation of their case or alternatively be appointed jointly by the parties (effectively appointed by the Court), which is known as a 'single joint expert appointment' or SJE.

An expert, whether acting for one party only or as SJE, is responsible to the Court and should prepare an independent unbiased report. Where seperate experts are appointed by the parties to a dispute, it is often appropriate for the experts to meet following completion of their seperate reports and deal with any areas of dispute, in order that Court time can be kept to a minimum by highlighting areas of dispute and putting aside matters where there is no disagreement between the experts.

Appointments in civil cases are dealt with by the Civil Procedures Rules which set down the responsibilities of those appointing experts and the basis under which an expert is appointed and must act. The rules also provide an expert with the means to seek guidance or the assistance of the Court, where for example one party is witholding information which an expert requires to undertake their work.

Experts are becoming more common in criminal matters especially where corporate theft or fraud may be involved. Such experts will act for one party only, prosecution or defence, and Criminal Procedures Rules have been introduced, which are similar in nature and coverage to the civil rules.

Chris Hatcher has considerable experience of acting as an expert in both civil and criminal cases and has been appointed single joint expert on many occasions. He has given expert evidence in Court in both civil and criminal cases.

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