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MBO's & MBI's (Management Buy Outs and Buy Ins)

An MBO occurs when the existing management of business acquires all or part of the shares from the existing shareholders. An MBI occurs where external management acquires the shares.

To ensure a transaction we offer a full supporting role to you in order to:

  • Identify individuals that may be interested in managing the business
  • Maintain focus on your objectives both pre and post deal
  • Secure key management and employee support of your long term objectives
  • Plan the integration of the new management team with existing operations and staff
  • Develop a financial model to ascertain the funding requirement and negotiate with lenders to raise funds
  • Ensure there is a tax-efficient structure to the investment in the target as well as tax issues that may affect the seller.
  • Document the agreed terms in the Heads of Terms so that both sides are clear on the deal subject to raising finance and due diligence
  • Manage the lenders and working with your lawyers and other advisers until the deal is done
  • Advise on post deal issues such as preparation of completion accounts, calculation of capital gains tax and providing continued support.

An MBO / MBI transaction represents a significant challenge for the acquiring management.  In order for us to offer you a comprehensive, experienced and personal service we will obtain a sufficient understanding of your objectives and expectations. Identifying your strategy early, and involving an experienced advisor, will enhance your chances of success. 

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MBO's & MBI's

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