Probate and Estate Administration Pricing
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Probate and Estate Administration Pricing

Price Guide

Upon initial consultation, we shall be pleased to provide estimates of our fees based on the precise nature and extent of the detailed work and assistance required.  Subject to that, our fees will be charged on a time spent basis and will vary according to the nature and complexity of the work, and correspondingly the seniority and expertise of the staff and partners required to carry out the work competently and efficiently, and to meet with deadline requirements.

Our current hourly charge rates for probate and administration work are as follows, exclusive of VAT:-


£200 + VAT

Advisory (non partner)

£70 - £140 + VAT

Tax compliance (non partner)

£40 - £105 + VAT

The table below serves as an illustration of typical fees charged.

Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration Only

Fee Estimate Excluding VAT and Disbursements

IHT205 (simple estate below £325,000 or entire estate left to surviving spouse)

£350 - £800

IHT400 (more complex estate but where there is no inheritance tax liability to pay)

£800 - £2,000

IHT400 (with inheritance tax liability)

£1,000 - £4,000

IHT400 (with inheritance tax liability and complexities)

£3,000 +



Estate Administration


Administration of the estate once the grant has been obtained.  The cost partly depends on the nature and number of assets involved, and whether there are practical complications or overseas matters involved.

£1,000 - £4,000 +


The typical disbursements of a grant of probate application and estate administration are (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Probate court fee of £273 plus £1.50 per additional copy of the grant required
  • Statutory advertisements in the London Gazette and local newspaper to protect the personal representative/s from unknown creditors. Costs usually range between £100 - £250 + VAT
  • A comprehensive financial profile can be ordered to search for active and dormant accounts held in the name of the deceased. The cost of this optional service is £185 + VAT