Probate and Estate Administration Pricing
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Probate and Estate Administration Pricing

It is difficult to provide cost figures as every case is different and will inevitably require a different time input.  Watts Gregory bases it's charges on the time costs involved and not on a set fee or percentage of the estate basis.

Our hourly charge out rates for individuals are in the range of £60 to £200, dependent upon experience.  The reason we do not charge set fees or use the percentage basis is that two estates of similar value may involve significantly differing time costs to complete.  

However, we do not expect potential clients to commit without knowing the likely costs involved so we will provide an estimate based on information available at the time relating to the estate.  VAT at the ruling rate will be added to our time costs, together with any disbursements incurred.

Examples of increased costs

  • The estate is taxable so full inheritance tax returns must be submitted to HMRC
  • The number of properties as associated transfer costs will apply
  • Business assets / non listed shareholdings
  • Intangible assets
  • Lack of a valid Will

It is our experience that by charging on an actual time costs basis that our charges will be less than those organisations who charge a straight percentage of the value of the estate, or a base fee plus a percentage.  Unlike many other organisations we do not charge a fee should we be appointed executors or requested to take on such an appointment.