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Preparation of a Business Plan

There are two distinct elements to the Business Plan - the narrative and the financial forecasts.  Initially, you will be given a pro forma plan which sets out each section of a standard plan and includes a series of questions which will force you to consider all aspects of the business. 

There is also a series of financial questions which form the basis of a financial planning session to prepare the figure work for the accompanying forecasts.

When preparing a Business Plan, you must:

  • Consider carefully the ideas underlying the business' concept
  • Undertake detailed analysis and research of each aspect of the business; and
  • Set benchmarks to guide the development of the business.

In doing so, you must convince potential readers that:

  • The business has commercial merit;
  • The market for the business exists; and
  • There is a capable management team.

By going through the process of preparing the plan, you will produce a blueprint of how  the business will achieve its stated objectives and how each aspect of the business will contribute to those objectives.

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Preparation of a
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