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Development of Systems for Corporate Control

We will assist you to:
  • Identify the key objectives and strategy for the business
  • Set procedures for all routines
  • Involve employees in implementing the routine procedures
  • Monitor performance
  • Continue to improve routines
  • Think strategically about the marketing, finance and management of the business

Identifying systems for a business will lead to routine procedures being performed without the continued input from the owner of the business.  Our department can help identify systems for a wide range of businesses, large or small.

Systems will show how a business will manage itself for the benefit of its customers and its employees. 

The benefits include:

  • The business will not be dependent on the owner.
  • Systems can be used to set performance standards for both the business and individual employees.  The performance can then be monitored and used to motivate and appraise staff.
  • Having routine procedures will leave the owner(s) of a business time to work on developing key areas of the business and their exit route. 
  • Having more free time, the owner could look at ways of improving the marketing, finance and management of the business, which in turn will increase profitability. 
Other Business & Strategic Development services include:
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